Transforming Loss Into Support & Recovery with Linda Ventura

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In March 2012, Linda Ventura lost Thomas, her 21-year-old son due to substance use disorder. 

And that’s how Thomas’ Hope was born.

This week, Thomas’ Hope’s Founder and Executive Director, Linda Ventura, joins Matt Ackermann to highlight how her nonprofit organization provides support, guidance, and treatment pathways to those struggling with substance use disorder. 

Linda discusses:

  • Ways Thomas’ Hope promotes awareness, education, advocacy, and empowerment around substance use disorder for individuals and their families 
  • The stigma around substance abuse and reasons it should be considered as a mental health disease 
  • The importance of incorporating communication, human connection, and healthy boundaries as patients begin their path to recovery
  • Implementing housing stability and vocational skills as Thomas’ Hope’s upcoming goals
  • Wisdom words for those who deal with or know someone who deals with substance abuse
  • And more


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