11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Top 10 Financial Predictions for 2023

Supersized rate hikes now appear to be in the rear-view mirror, as data filtering through indicates that the rate of price growth is slowing. But although inflation may have reached the peak, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smooth downwards path from here. There is still the potential for plenty of pain ahead, as stubbornly high prices continue to cause severe headaches for the economy. — Susannah Streeter

2. A New Group of Super Stocks Is Emerging

Every market cycle has them. A new group of “super stocks” that go from unknowns to household names within a few years. These are the sorts of investments that change people’s lives. They can rescue portfolios from the depths of a bear market. — Justin Spittler

3. US Stocks: Making Sense of 2023 Earnings Forecasts

It’s been a tumultuous year for investors, with inflation and rising rates roiling US financial markets. But as the Federal Reserve inches closer to a terminal fed funds rate, equity market participants could start to place more emphasis on corporate earnings rather than broad macroeconomic issues and monetary policy. — James T. Tierney, Jr.

4. There Is No “Soft” Landing for the U.S. Economy in 2023

There’s a lot of debate about whether the U.S. will enter a recession in 2023 or if the Fed can engineer a “soft” landing. We think those are a very mislabeled set of possibilities. It is our belief that there is never a soft landing when it comes to a Fed-induced slowdown in the markets. Asset prices almost always get punished when the Federal Reserve (Fed) tightens. At best it will only hurt a little, but at worst it will hurt a lot; no matter what, nothing about it will be soft. — Scott Colyer

5. How To Create More Compelling Offers

What financial advisers do is valuable, but it is often not compelling.  To creating more compelling offers  we need to bring the long term into short term focus, and the secret to that is defining short term gain. — Tony Vidler

6. The 7 Maxims of Business with Fran Tarkenton

We can’t think of a better guest than NCAA & NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and Founder and CEO of Tarkenton Financial, Fran Tarkenton, to wrap up the year. Tarkenton Financial helps advisors provide solutions for their clients using fixed indexed annuities and life insurance strategies to create tax advantaged, tax-free, and guaranteed retirement income while protecting against market volatility and longevity risk. Doug & Fran talk about Fran’s football career and the mindset that helped take him to the highest levels of the game. — Wall & Main

7. How to Simply Explain Not To Be Afraid of the Stock Market in a Recession

These have been unsettled times for the stock market.  The bull market lasted for longer than a decade.  Then came Covid.  People on TV use the word “recession” a lot.  Some think it would be a good idea to take a “time out” from the stock market.  Let’s give this some more thought. — Bryce Sanders

8. The Definitive Guide to FTX’s Collapse

Everything you need to know about FTX’s collapse in plain English... What it means for crypto... Is Coinbase next?... And what all crypto investors need to do right now. Is crypto dead? That’s the question many folks around the Thanksgiving table were asking following crypto exchange FTX’s collapse. — Stephen McBride

9. Three Ways to Navigate 2023’s Greatest Unknowns

Tenured investors understand they’re deploying capital during two of the greatest unknowns in recent history.  It’s important for all investors to maintain perspective and use the following three ways to navigate 2023’s greatest unknowns. — Richard Russo

10. Will Tesla Die Next?

I’m getting interested in Tesla stock at under $200/share. I disliked the stock for a long time because it had little hope of living up to impossibly lofty expectations. But this “reset” in its price is an opportunity. Tesla is still miles ahead of its competition in electric vehicles. And it just revealed its long-awaited electric semi-truck, which could be a tremendous new growth opportunity. About two-thirds of all cargo in the US travels on trucks. — Chris Wood

11. How Advisors Can Foster an Enduring Enterprise with Mark Tibergien

Mark Tibergien has been a leader in the financial services industry for many years, most recently having retired in 2020 from Pershing where he served as the CEO. Mark continues his contributions to the industry by now working as a consultant, speaker, or board member with other enterprises that are going through a dynamic transformation. Live from the Sanctuary Oasis Conference in Las Vegas, Doug and Mark discuss the challenges industry business leaders are facing, and ways advisors can evolve to better serve their clients in the long run. — Power Your Advice