11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Lessons From The “Nifty Fifty”

Recently, Bank of America discussed the “5-Lessons From The Nifty Fifty.” Of course, if you are unfamiliar with the importance of “The Nifty Fifty,” it is worth explaining. The “Nifty Fifty” refers to the fifty most popular large-cap stocks in the 1960s and 70s. These “household” names traded at extreme valuations and included household names such as Xerox (XRX), IBM, Polaroid, and Coca-Cola (KO). Many of these Nifty-Fifty stocks had price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios as high as 100 times earnings. Despite high valuations, investors bought shares due to their proven growth records and dividend increases. Such occurred as inflation weighed on everything else. — Lance Roberts

2. We’re Not at the Start of a New Bull Market

Investors should remain cautious as we are not at the start of a new bull market for risk assets, warns the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organizations. — Nigel Green

3. Retirement on the Eve of Destruction

The year is 1965. Vietnam, racial tension, and voting rights are all over the news and both the Cuban missile crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy are open wounds for most Americans. This is crazy, we’ve had enough, said the youth of America now also facing the draft for a conflict they decried. Songwriter PF Sloan put their anger to music with the “Eve of Destruction”. Radio stations around the world banned the tune and some in the media said it represented everything wrong with America’s youth. — Steve Gresham

4. Helping Advisors Narrow Retirement Gaps With … Cash

With inflation residing at 40-year highs, advisors are facing fresh challenges serving clients nearing or in retirement. Compounding those woes for investable assets is the fact that short-term interest rates continue to rise – the Fed’s only tool to tamp hot inflation – which has roiled stock indices and have crimped bond performance throughout the year. — StoneCastle Cash Management

5. Recruiting and Retaining Top Personnel for Your Business

The post-pandemic economy has experienced a labor shortage that’s unlike anything our nation has seen in decades. Industries ranging from restaurants and retail stores to manufacturers, distributors and technology firms are pulling out all the stops to attract and retain the employees they need to serve their clients. — Axos Advisor Services

6. Republicans Brace for Mad Scramble to Dethrone Trump

Donald Trump’s political free-fall has been so dramatic that a growing number of potential 2024 GOP challengers are now scrambling to launch presidential bids before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis becomes the clear front-runner. — Greg Valliere

7. How To Challenge Clients Thinking Without Being Confrontational

Perhaps the toughest task any adviser faces is to challenge clients’ own thinking, but without getting into a confrontation that threatens the entire relationship.  Most of us find ourselves occasionally dealing with a client who already thinks they know the answers – they haven’t come to us for advice, they have come to us for validation of their own pre-conceived idea or to give an instruction.  But man…do they need correcting — Tony Vidler

8. The #1 Reason to Fire a Client

Have you noticed that we often have emotional attachments to items that we haven’t used in years, and just can’t seem to let them go?  Or maybe you, too, are good at purging. — Bill Cates

9. Financial Advisors: Raise Your Prices

Many financial advisors have a natural abrasion to raising their prices. And it makes sense: Once you consider raising your prices, your brain tries to convince you that you’ll lose all of your clients overnight.  Of course, this never actually happens. But it still feels real inside our brains. Well, that’s why I recorded this episode.  Not only will listening to this episode help you feel more comfortable with raising your prices, but I also reveal how raising your prices can actually make your services more attractive to potential clients. — James Pollard

10. How Many Advisors Are Enough?

A good financial advisor can provide financial peace of mind, guidance in decision-making, and critically needed education. One advisory relationship can provide everything an investor needs, while other individuals need multiple advisors in order to meet all their needs. Just how many advisors are enough? Is there an ideal number of advisors? — Catherine McBreen

11. The 5 Big Reasons Why Your Investments Aren’t Growing as Fast as Warren Buffett’s

What an awesome year for investors! The Dow Jones Index is up 58% in the last year. Rank amateurs are striking it rich. Your Uber driver, plumber and urologist are all making zillions! Investing has become a way better fad than the Macarena, the Ice Bucket Challenge and even fidget spinners. And everyone is crushing it except, maybe, you. — Gordon Stein