The #1 Reason to Fire a Client

Have you noticed that we often have emotional attachments to items that we haven’t used in years, and just can’t seem to let them go?  Or maybe you, too, are good at purging.

Here’s the #1 Reason Why You Might Purge a Few of Your Clients

Before I suggest the #1 reason why you might let go of a client, here are two other valid reasons to consider:

  1. Client is a pain in the _____.
  2. Focusing on a select group of clients for a better lifestyle.

With this said, the #1 reason for letting go of a client is that it’s actually what’s best for the client.

If a prospect or client is not a perfect fit for you, then are you best fit for them? I would say,

“Probably not.”  Every one of your prospects and clients deserves to be served by someone who is truly interested in serving them.

Some financial professionals tell me, “I keep him on the books, because he’s low maintenance and I still make money from him.”  But, what’s best for the him?  Maybe you. Maybe a call center. Be honest with yourself.

If a Client is Not the Perfect Fit for Your Business, Then You Are Not Perfect for Them

This is funny!

A colleague of mine, George Campbell, promotes himself as the World’s Worst Motivational Speaker; going by the stage name of Joe Malarkey. George, or Joe, is hilarious.  Here’s his take on purging clients/customers…

The key to great customer service is fewer customers.

The key to fewer customers is poor customer service.

 It’s the Circle of Life

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