Financial Advisors: Raise Your Prices

Many financial advisors have a natural abrasion to raising their prices. And it makes sense: Once you consider raising your prices, your brain tries to convince you that you’ll lose all of your clients overnight. 

Of course, this never actually happens. But it still feels real inside our brains. Well, that’s why I recorded this episode.  Not only will listening to this episode help you feel more comfortable with raising your prices, but I also reveal how raising your prices can actually make your services more attractive to potential clients.  Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • The single biggest mistake the entire financial advisory industry makes which nukes their income (3:16) 
  • Why adding more “value” to your offers doesn’t mean you can charge more (5:16) 
  • The “Contrast Trick” which lets you charge double (or even triple) what you’re charging today (6:38) 
  • How to charge 76.6% more for your offers by simply going to your office (9:15) 
  • The weird way charging less for your services makes you seem inferior to your competitors (and how to prevent this natural phenomenon) (15:43) 
  • The subtle “discount” mindset shift which helps you feel comfortable with charging higher prices (18:37) 

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