11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. What Could Force the Fed to Pivot on Rate Hikes?

Increasing prices, higher cost of money (rising interest rates) and a likely forced economic slowdown are difficult to endure; however, the markets remain convinced that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will likely railroad the U.S. economy into a recession. For investors, as inflation runs hot and corporate profits slow, valuations typically suffer. Looking ahead, as investors try to pinpoint the next reversal in policy (a pivot back to easing), we offer our thoughts on what we think could cause the Fed to reverse course from today’s radically tightening monetary policy. — Scott Coyler

2. 5 Realities About the Market Everyone Needs To Know Right Now

The other day, I saw a great post on Twitter, and it stuck with me. Unfortunately, I can’t recall who wrote it, but I saw it while scanning, and it basically said this… Market commentary should be categorized into one of three buckets — David B. Armstrong

3. Dividends Still Dependable for Inflation Protection

Inflation bites, but it’s made even worse when the traditional hedges, including gold and real estate, aren’t delivering for investors. In fairness to gold, it is performing less poorly than broader equity and fixed income benchmarks this year, but the well-documented rub with bullion is that it offers no income. Speaking of income, dividends have well-deserved inflation-fighting reputations. More to the point, dividend growth is a credible, validate inflation-beating strategy. — Todd Shriber

4. Delivering on the Client Experience with Julie Littlechild

Julie Littlechild is the Founder and CEO of Absolute Prospects whose mission is to help advisors transform the way they engage with clients and potential prospects, reimagining a more efficient path for advisory firms to grow. Live from the Axos Advisor service conference, Focus on the Future, in Denver Colorado, Doug and Julie discuss how advisors can cater to the client experience and correctly deliver on it. — Power Your Advice

5. Ford vs. General Motors: Which Auto Stock Is a Better Buy?

Legacy automobile manufacturers Ford (NYSE: F) and General Motors (NYSE: GM) have grossly underperformed the market in the last decade. For example, Ford stock has returned 36% in dividend-adjusted gains to investors since October 2002. Comparatively, GM stock has fallen by a marginal 0.9% in this period. The S&P 500 index, on the other hand, has gained close to 300% in the last ten years. — Finscreener

6. The Biggest Surprise of This Fall’s Campaign

ONE ISSUE DWARFS ALL OTHERS in this year’s elections — anxiety over the economy and inflation. The big surprise is that the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade has NOT become a dominant issue; it finishes third or fourth in most polls of which issues are the most important to voters. — Greg Valliere

7. Superbubble’s Final Act? Or Is This Time Different?

As noted, 2022 started with a sharp and swift decline lasting well into mid-year. With extremely bearish sentiment, it was no surprise that July and August saw an oversold bounce that retraced a portion of that decline. However, with that retracement now behind us, the concern is the 3rd phase of the superbubble has yet to commence. That 3rd phase is a slower and more grinding decline that coincides with deteriorating fundamentals. — Lance Roberts

8. Top 21 Examples of Differentiators for Advisory Firms

Most professional services firms tend to look and act a lot like their competitors. Why? Perhaps you have been in the industry for a long time. Or perhaps doing things very differently feels risky. We see this all the time. Well, a very different look and feel can be a powerful differentiator for this exact reason. Combine this with other differentiators and you have the makings of a robust competitive advantage. — Lee Frederiksen

9. Can You Find Good Reasons To Invest?

“This time it’s different.” We have heard these are the most dangerous words on Wall Street. Turn on the TV news and you hear about many reasons to run scared and hide. Interest rates are rising, inflation is still with us. The stock market has bad days, weeks and months. World events are scary. Respecting people’s tolerances for risk, is this a good time to buy, at least a little bit? — Bryce Sanders

10. How Can Financial Advisors Use Social Media?

Social media is an incredible invention – it’s entire websites and applications specifically built for large-scale communication and collaboration. Social posts require marketing dexterity unlike any other form of content creation. It’s challenging and exciting and ever-evolving. — Justine Young

11. Why the Best Way To Grow Your Business Is to ‘Say Yes’

Not much attention is given in business plans to how policy and rule systems can be used to foster growth. Rules, policies and procedures are, in most organizations, tools used as internal control mechanisms to put boundaries on what people can do and what they can’t do — rules for performance planning, rules governing productivity targets, rules on decision making to minimize risk, rules for time reporting, rules for hours of work and rules for how the organization engages with its customers. — Roy Osing