Delivering on the Client Experience with Julie Littlechild

Recorded at the Axos Advisor Services — Focus on the Future Conference in Denver Colorado

Julie Littlechild is the Founder and CEO of Absolute Prospects whose mission is to help advisors transform the way they engage with clients and potential prospects, reimagining a more efficient path for advisory firms to grow.

Live from the Axos Advisor service conference, Focus on the Future, in Denver Colorado, Doug and Julie discuss how advisors can cater to the client experience and correctly deliver on it.

They also discuss: 

  • How business and profit can work more effectively together
  • The holistic and personalized approach to clients and how to execute it
  • The switching between smaller and larger firms and the advantages of each option
  • Fintech and the technology landscape helping advisors deliver better advice and more meaningful communication
  • The big switch in the advisor from what’s leading to what’s coming in
  • How does the the client experience use things like personalization to support them differently

Resources: Absolute Engagement | Axos Advisor Services

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