Are You Behaving Like a Networker?

Sales behaviors!

Everyone is a prospect. Get the appointment. Overcome the objections. You need my product and service, you just don’t know it yet. Features and benefits. PowerPoint, slide shows, sales collateral, and other lengthy presentations of my product and why it’s the best. The leads are weak. Can I have the names of five people that need to know about the value of my work? You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is. What’s it going to take to get you to write the order today? I’m waiting for the new leads. I get paid in three ways! The assumptive close! I’ll throw in the floor mats! One hundred cold calls equals three appointments which equals one sale – maybe. Here’s my sales pitch. Close the sale. Write the account. Get the order. Call them until they surrender. Bang the phones. Beat the street. Here’s why you need life insurance. Always be closing. Always be selling. First place – a Cadillac Eldorado, second place – a set of steak knives, third place – you’re fired! Are you happy in your current job? Put that coffee down – coffee is for closers. I already wrote the order. What’s your mortgage rate? How can you NOT be involved in multi-level marketing? No need for inventory, shelf space, or ordering of product. Dropping the ticket. Making the call. Getting the renewal. We do all the worrying for you! That’s what I get paid for. You’re locked in for a year. Money back guarantee. Make sure you leave room for dessert!

Networking behaviors!

Meeting new people in an effort to learn and potentially help. Exchange referrals. Being open to talking to people and discussing THEM. Everyone is a probable referral source. Focus on the relationship and the business will be there. Establish a target market. Have a structured positioning statement. Listen more, talk less. You won’t connect with everyone. Ask great questions about THEM! Everyone is not a prospect. The more you help great people the more they help you right back. It’s about the connection. Be referable. How can we help one another? What do you do for fun? I got an extra ticket so you can join me for the game. Have fun! Here are three people I want to introduce you to. Asking the recruiters at the job fair how they got started and about their career objectives. What are some of the best groups to attend? It’s a WE thing, not a ME thing. Follow up. How can I help you? Initiate conversations by introducing yourself. It is never about you until they make it about you. Go to the right places, say the right things, and meet the right people. Out of sight is out of mind – stay in touch. Business cards breed business. Six degrees of separation. Let’s connect on LinkedIn and see how we can further connect one another. Chamber mixers, networking meetings, business exchanges, service clubs, product shows, trade shows, association meetings, chapter functions, cocktail parties, speed networking (dating), golf outings, conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, business after hours, mastermind meetings, and roundtables.

Whew! Exhausting, right?

Think how exhausting it is to use the wrong behavior at the wrong time. Selling at a networking meeting is the same as showing up to the baseball field in a football uniform. You’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons and nobody will want to talk to you.

Of course, most of the behaviors described above can be good depending on context. So consider that context when it comes to your day-to-day revenue producing activities (RPA). It all depends on the time, place, scenario, circumstance, and the quality of the relationship.

In the end, sales is about more and better relationships. If you focus on those relationships while doing great work, the business will be there.

So behave yourself.

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