Let's Hold on to Our Dignity

The only way to come out of this crisis is with focus, perseverance and dignity. Panic only causes confusion and it just forces us to make rash decisions that we will later regret. Maybe we needed level-setting. This virus is an equal opportunity offender that doesn’t care about race, status or affluence. There is nothing we can do about this invisible threat other than follow and listen to educated health professionals who will guide us through this crisis.

Yes, it’s hard to be quarantined but it’s also a great opportunity to reflect, dig deeper and create an opportunity for growth. Here are things that we should hold on to:

Our Dignity

There is no sense in fighting over toilet paper (if you need to stay at home anyway, use a wet wash cloth for crying out loud) or any other goods that don’t threaten our survival. Do you really want to end up on social media as the person who went ballistic over a bar of soap? Also, finger pointing isn’t helpful.

There will be a time when we will have to hold officials responsible, but for now let’s band together and be strong as a community and as people. Support your neighbors, help your elderly folks and stay calm.

Our Creativity

When everybody rushed to the stores to buy disinfectants, I remembered that essential oils are also really effective and a lot less harmful than chemicals. So, I did some research, blended my own sanitizers and also packaged it for friends. I also write a lot more (as my readers can probably tell) and I want to perfect my Biscotti baking and improve my Excel skills. Be creative, do what you love and work on skills that you want to advance.

Our Core

Like I said in the beginning, this might be a level-setting and the way we behave during difficult times is the measure of a person and a community. We live in a free country and we have been spoiled without ever really understanding what the generations before us had to endure and how other countries are struggling with simple needs like clean water. Maybe it’s time to be humble, to know that we are also vulnerable and fragile. Let’s start taking things like democracy, healthcare, government programs more seriously, and let’s appreciate what we have rather than being afraid. Fear while warranted at times shouldn’t paralyze us.

Personally, I know it was a long time coming. Experts were telling us for years that a pandemic is not a matter of “when”, but “if”. Shame on us that we didn’t listen. There is even a documentary on Netflix called “Pandemic: How to Prevent it”.

But, it’s not too late. Let’s show ourselves and the world who we truly are and let’s come out of this with dignity and a stronger core.

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