Five Vacation Trends for 2021

Written by: Peter Minkoff

The uncertainty we have been living in for the past year has had a tremendous impact on the way we live, work, and (not) travel. So much so that we have abandoned most, if not all of our travel plans during the first year of the new decade, and we have spent months on end in isolation, unable to see our closest friends and family, let alone plan a resort getaway with our significant other.

Although we do hope to focus on growth in 2021 as opposed to pure survival which has been our main mode of operation during 2020, the idea of travel still comes with a question mark hanging above it. How will the idea of travel change? Will we be able to fly internationally, explore secluded beaches, and visit beehive-like events and festivals? Well, it seems that, while the future is still filled with uncertainties, we can expect certain trends to emerge in 2021 that will redefine how we vacation.

Local explorations top the list

Many have associated the idea of a vacation with going abroad, be it a beach holiday or a winter getaway. However, in 2021, people will continue making the most of what local and nearby places have to offer.

We can expect an upturn in road trips, as well as family vacations that will inspire people to get to know their local countryside, villages, and smaller towns. That said, more people will likely invest in vehicles that enable such longer trips, so that they can remain autonomous and not depend on bus lines or trains while traveling locally.

Nature escapades

During the pandemic, we have found different ways to reconnect with Mother Nature and appreciate the healthy impact of spending time surrounded by greenery on our wellbeing and health. On that note, 2021 will be the year of continuous nature adventures, such as camping, hiking, fishing trips, and the like.

To prepare properly for such trips, families that choose to spend their vacation in the beautiful outdoors will invest in more survival equipment including an otf knife selection to make for safer and practical nature trips. With such tools, people will not just have peace of mind while vacationing in nature, but also learn or refresh their survival skills, returning to the cities recharged and invigorated. 

Boutique over crowds

While the past several years have been marked by the increase in traveling like a local, 2021 will include even more downsizing in terms of cruises, large-scale hotel stays, group travel, and the like. In order to organize your vacation in 2021, you’ll likely opt for smaller, dedicated types of accommodation such as boutique hotels, as well as excursions and trips that are significantly smaller in scope and number of passengers.

Long-term travel – OOO

Although we have already switched to remote work, more professionals and entrepreneurs will continue blurring the line between business and pleasure when it comes to travel. In order to travel sustainably, safely, and within the latest health recommendations, more professionals will switch to the permanent OOO model – out of office.

This will enable more travel for longer periods of time, help people enjoy the beauty of exploring the world, enable commercial airlines to restore their business, and allow the industry to recover.

Locations that triumphed

Typically, we’d choose a location that we find attractive for its cultural heritage, culinary delights, or immense natural wealth. Although these will remain relevant factors for our 2021 vacations, we will also be more mindful of how each country responded to the pandemic, and thus choose those that have had the most effective response plans.

In 2021, countries such as Singapore and New Zealand will have earned their prominence as the most responsible, effective places where not only you have the least risk to contract the virus, but also places where rules will always be in line with the greater good of the people – yours included.

Other trends such as choosing your itinerary and accommodation based on hygiene and preventative measures will also be prominent. The listed vacation trends, however, will become the main pillars of transforming the industry and allowing it to become more sustainable, and recover slowly from the repercussions of the pandemic.

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