4 Ways to Show Initiative in a Marketing Job

Most teams benefit significantly from having a go-getter on the squad. Certain individuals can increase motivation, hard work and dedication with their presence and the example they set for those around them. Bosses want to see that same initiative translate into the workplace. You may find that many work opportunities open up the more you take the initiative in your job because management wants individuals willing to do what it takes to get the job done effectively, efficiently and correctly. This is especially true in marketing, where creativity, motivation and taking the lead to make the necessary moves are crucial to success. Here are a few tips for upping your game.

1. Establish Connections

As you begin to work with clients, build a rapport by remaining professional, helpful, informative and timely. Take notes on your clients, especially if they mention essential life details. You can use these facts to personalize future outreach, making the individuals feel valued. It is extremely important to remember to listen more than you talk because your customer will tell you what they want and need. If you are asked to find an answer to a question, do your best to get back to the client promptly. As you expand your base, you can rely on email marketing as an efficient resource for keeping in touch with past clients and finding new ones.

2. Eyes Open

As you begin your career, you may think you know all there is to know coming out of school or training. In reality, that is probably very far from the truth. There are substantial opportunities to learn by keeping your eyes open, being observant and listening more than you speak during your initial introduction to the workspace. Take note of which coworkers do particularly well at certain tasks. Do not be afraid to ask for help or hints on how to perform a duty best. You can become a blend of your coworkers by adapting the efficient or useful ways certain people perform specific tasks. Choose the methods that suit your work style best to become a more effective version of yourself in the office.

3. Quick Action

If the company or a client has a job, be the first to jump on the task. Showing that you are willing to take on more jobs, step outside of your comfort zone and share the workload is a key indicator to your boss that you are serious about your work. This is a balance, though. You must be sure not to be so eager to take on work to prove that you burn yourself out or cause yourself to miss deadlines. If your boss hints that they would love to get a pitch to a big company or have a booth at a local fair, offer to do it. Going above and beyond will show your clients, coworkers and management that you are committed to being the best you can be.

4. Share Thoughts

If you have an idea, pitch it to the team. Do not keep opinions to yourself just because you are new to the company. Come to meetings as prepared as you can and take notes for later. Sharing ideas can help make you an invaluable member of the team. Remember that not every idea can be used, so do not feel bad if yours are not used immediately. It can also be helpful to provide ideas or insight for areas of improvement. Paying attention to feedback from customers and coworkers can shine a light on issues that may need to be addressed.

Marketing is a competitive field. When you first join a team, it can be hard to find your spot or stand out. One of the best ways to show your worth is to demonstrate initiative. The ways to display this depend on many factors, but the best approach is to be willing to do the work, establish connections, come prepared to meetings and voice your ideas at staff meetings. Be observant, work hard and listen more than you talk and you’ll find that others notice your hard work quickly.

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