What It Actually Takes for Advisors to Get Leads

When we talk to financial advisors about starting their own podcast, their first question is: “When will I get leads?”

Of course, getting leads –– that turn into ideal clients –– is the ultimate goal; but there are five essential marketing rules that you must put in place in order for that to happen. 

Today, Matt and Kirk unearth the marketing rules that advisors keep skipping past at the expense of their time, money, and hopes of having a marketing plan that actually generates leads. Listen in as they uncover five marketing essentials for advisors to focus on first: credibility, specificity, momentum, repeatability, and sustainability. 

You will learn:

  • What outcomes advisors constantly overlook when calculating their ROI
  • Kirk’s quick formula for nailing down the level of specificity that attracts only ideal clients
  • How long it took for our first client’s podcast to blow up with opportunities 
  • Why momentum-building marketing must be repeatable
  • And more!

Hit play to learn how to master five marketing rules that come before leads!

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