The CMO Series – Drivers of Revenue: Kelly Waltrich

We’re starting a new focus within this podcast –  The CMO Series – Drivers of Revenue – to learn more about how people who run marketing departments got to where they are, how marketing has evolved and what the future holds for this important element of company success.

Our first guest is Kelly Waltrich, CEO and Co-Founder of,  a growth engine design consultancy and marketing agency that works with fintech and finserv companies who want to transform the trajectory of their business. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Kelly talk about her journey through financial services marketing and how the role of marketing has evolved. They also discuss

  • How Kelly built the toolkit required to be a CMO
  • Why it is important for sales and marketing to be aligned
  • What is her recipe for success in marketing 
  • How to narrow down your goals to be focused on the right thing for your company
  • What CEOs who want to build the right marketing mix need to know
  • Why she founded


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