The Charitable Arm of Financial Services with Barkley Payne

In this podcast, Barkley Payne, President and Executive Director of Invest in Others, introduces the firm and its mission to support nonprofits through the involvement of financial professionals who contribute their resources, time, and talents.

Topics also discussed:

  • The platform for financial advisors that Invest in Others offers, allowing them to make a positive impact by channeling their philanthropy and volunteerism towards causes they care about.
  • The awards and grant programs of Invest in Others which recognize and amplify the charitable work carried out by financial advisors and firms within their communities.
  • The strategic planning Barkley is working on for the organization’s future growth.
  • The impact of Invest in Others’, where support has led to the growth and betterment of nonprofits serving vulnerable communities.
  • The selection process for Invest in Others Awards.
  • Invest in Others program offerings like Charitable Champions and Grants for Good, and applications for these grants open on specific dates.
  • The upcoming Invest in Others Awards Gala is highlighted, celebrating the charitable work of financial advisors and granting prizes to winners and finalists.

Resources: Invest in Others

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