Data-Driven Wealth Management With Stephen Daffron

Stephen Daffron is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BetaNXT, the next wave in wealth management technology and outsourcing solutions. Join Stephen as he introduces BetaNXT, its offerings, and the challenges they are helping wealth advisors and investors address.

Topics also discussed:

  • Stephen’s diverse background and his journey and role in co-founding BetaNXT.
  • The evolving wealth management landscape, emphasizing the need for better tools and real-time data to meet changing client demands.
  • The challenges faced by wealth advisors, such as time spent on data gathering, are highlighted, along with the potential benefits of real-time data processing.
  • The acquisition of Mediant, emphasizing its role in enhancing data curation and delivery, ultimately improving the advisor-client experience.
  • The BetaNXT commitment to investing in firms that align with its mission of elevating the wealth management ecosystem.

Resources: BetaNXT

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