How Advisors Can Use Technology To Improve Financial Knowledge in the Workplace

Creating financial peace of mind is a lifelong goal. As a result, finding innovative ways to talk about money in the workplace is crucial because there has been a wave of employee resignations across many industries due to financial stress. 

In this episode, Rebecca Hourihan sits down with Dr. Emily Koochel, Senior Financial Planning Education Consultant at eMoney Advisor. Dr. Koochel is an experienced financial professional, academic and researcher. Prior to FinTech, she served as an assistant professor where she taught courses in personal financial planning and working in the financial planning field. 

Here, Dr. Koochel explains what financial well-being is and how it can help individuals have a positive relationship with money. 

Dr. Koochel discusses:

  • Why she transitioned from academia to the eMoney team
  • The concept of financial wellness and how it benefits employees, businesses, and retirement plan advisors
  • The high importance of financial education
  • What does eMoney do to help financial advisors
  • And more!

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