Finding Right-Fit CPA Partners (The Opportunity Is Now!) With Andree Mohr and John Pastore

The best CPA partnerships accomplish both: improving your client experience and growing your revenue.

But how and where can you find such partnerships?

Find out in this episode, as Matt Halloran interviews Andree Mohr and John Pastore of Integrated Partners, which offers a dynamic co-source model to advisors and CPAs. They talk about how to increase referrals, provide a more holistic client service, and grow your business using CPA partnerships.

Andree and John discuss:

  • Ways to tap into Integrated Partners’ network of 160 CPA partners
  • How to initiate conversation and start a relationship with CPAs
  • The ideal revenue-sharing split
  • Branding and marketing tips to uniquely position your CPA partnerships
  • Why now is the best time to act if you’re an advisor looking to work with a CPA

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