Find The Who’s And Trust The Process With Andree Mohr and John Pastore

When an advisor is building a business, it is easy to become swept up in what they think are fires, instead of growing their business. What they are missing is the importance of sticking to a process and finding professionals who can help build their referrals.

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by Andree Mohr, Chief Implementation Officer and John Pastore, Senior Vice President & Private Wealth Manager of Integrated Partners. The trio discuss why building a business in rainmaking is difficult for advisors and how they can develop their practice through partnerships with CPAs. Andree and John reveal the key components to a successful partnership for both parties.

Andree and John discuss:

  • How working with centers of influence can be the answer to finding referrals
  • Why advisors need to trust the process
  • How to overcome hurdles in relationships between advisors and CPAs
  • The importance of putting in the work
  • And more

Connect with Andree Mohr:

Connect With John Pastore:

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