Content Distribution Is the Real King! with Johnny Sandquist

Have you heard the adage: content is king? According to Johnny Sandquist, content distribution is king!

And not just generic, canned content, but authentic content that speaks to your ideal clients.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Johnny Sandquist, the CEO at Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing LLC, a content creator for Fintech firms, and a marketing strategist for RIAs. Johnny shares his best advice to help advisors streamline their content marketing using a mix of outsourcing and active involvement.

Johnny discusses:

  • Why the “set it and forget it” strategy doesn’t work when outsourcing content
  • How to tackle the biggest content-marketing roadblocks
  • Every reason to pursue a highly specific niche
  • A Venn diagram to illustrate where you should spend the most time online
  • And more