11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Metaverse Is A $1 Trillion Revenue Opportunity. Here’s How To Invest

Quick: What do Mickey Mouse, the Gucci bee and Snoop Dogg have in common? Besides being animal-themed, all three are coming to a metaverse near you. — Frank Holmes

2. Help Prospects Better Understand Fees by Tying Them to Your Value

When we talk about the problems associated with an advisor’s fees, it isn’t that they are too high, too low, or inappropriately structured. Rather it is that advisors typically fail to communicate effectively with their prospects what those fees are actually doing for the client. In other words, what is the value of the service being paid for? — Maribeth Kuzmeski

3. Enabling Advisor Scalability Through Technology with Rusty Sommer

Rusty Sommer is the managing director of strategic relationships at Flyer Financial Technologies, which develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies. — Power Your Advice

4. 8 Reasons Prospects Should Do Business in The New Year

Unfortunately, prospects don’t conform to our timetable.  You have some in the pipeline.  They like what you are saying, but are focused on the holidays.  “Call me in January.”  What makes January different?  Why should they do business in the New Year?  Lets assume they already have an advisor and have no intention of leaving them. — Bryce Sanders

5. The Biggest Mistake Advisors Make With a Prospect

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time—one day to ten years or more—you know one thing to be an absolute certainty, that prospecting is your lifeblood. You understand the critical importance of filling up your pipeline and keeping it full of qualified leads that can be continuously converted into qualified prospects. But to identify someone as a qualified prospect, you have to contact them. So, you make the phone call. — Don Connelly

6. 7 Proven Ways To Make Your Marketing Stunning and Unbeatable

Marketing is practiced in the same way by most organizations; typically marketers adopt efficiency tools to perform the detailed tasks of their profession. They are infatuated with the minutiae of their world. — Roy Osing

7. 4 Ways to Create Holiday LinkedIn Posts in a Hurry

If your holiday social media strategy is looking as meager as Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, don’t worry! In this blog, I will show you four time-efficient ways to add a seasonal sparkle to your LinkedIn posts. I’m focusing on LinkedIn because this is where financial advisors are having the most networking success. However, all of these ideas can be modified for Facebook and Twitter. — Jessica Brown

8. Financial Services: No One Can Do This Alone

I think we've learned so many lessons. While in quarantine. Over the last couple years, we have refocused we recenter we reprioritized. And people are coming to this conference. They are refreshed. They're energized. They are engaged well beyond my wildest imagination. — Brian Hamburger

9. Leading With Learning with Matt Brown

Matt Brown is the founder, chairman & chief executive officer at CAIS, the leading alternative investment platform for financial advisors who seek improved access to and education about alternative investment funds and products. — Power Your Advice

10. Bull Markets & Why We Repeat Our Mistakes

There’s extensive academic literature on the risks faced by investors who are overly confident of their ability to beat the market. They tend to trade more often, even if they’re losing money doing so. They take on too much debt and don’t diversify their holdings. When the market makes a sudden lurch, they tend to overreact to it. Yet, despite all that evidence, there’s no hard data on what makes investors overconfident in the first place. — Lance Roberts

11. There Might Be Value in Disruptive Growth

Admittedly, the concept of disruptive growth investing is recently getting a lot of play in this place. To bottom line the 2021 scenario for this style of investing, it's been trying and performance is abysmal. Making matters worse for clients is the rapid change in sentiment toward disruptive growth – it was on fire last year – and the facts that the broader market and more traditional growth benchmarks are trading higher in 2021. — Todd Shriber