11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. We Are in the Latter Innings of a Bear Market with Sam Stovall

The podcast is thrilled to welcome back Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist at CFRA research, a leading provider of independent investment research identifying actionable opportunities from which clients can gain an investment edge and avoid risk. Douglas Blake & Sam discuss Sam’s perspectives on our current market environment. — Wall & Main

2. This Is the Exact Moment To Put Cash to Work

Cash is not king. With markets swooning, it is definitely in the king’s court, though. While you should invest money that you don’t need for at least three years in stocks and bonds, if you are too skittish to invest or have some money that you need to access sooner, then let’s put that cash to work. — Ross Levin

3. What Are the Chances for a Windfall Profits Tax?

HERE WE GO AGAIN: President Biden blasted the big oil companies yesterday, suggesting that he could support a windfall profits tax. The industry had staggering profits in the third quarter — but there’s absolutely, positively no chance anytime soon that Congress could pass a new tax on the industry. — Greg Valliere

4. Market Collapse Raises Stakes for Active Equity Investors

Equity investors are trying to figure out whether steep share-price declines have led to attractive valuations, given mounting threats to fundamental business performance. The answer varies from company to company and requires an active equity investing approach to separate winners from losers. — Frank Caruso and Chris Kotowicz

5. October Market Lows And The End Of Bear Markets

The current decline in the market has only reversed the extreme extension above the 200-week moving average. That long-term moving average continues to define the bullish market trend from the 2009 lows. It also defined the bullish trend following the previous bear market lows. Most importantly, the 50-week moving average has not crossed below the 200-week, representing each previous bear market and recession. — Lance Roberts

6. What No One Tells You About Being a Financial Advisor

In my opinion, there has not been any better time to be a financial advisor. At a time when the world is inundated with chaos and hyperbolic media noise, financial advisors are proving their worth. An increasing number of people are seeking guidance and clarity beyond the cookie-cutter world of robo-advisors and financial pundits. — Don Connelly

7. How Technology Lets Wealth Management Firms Do More With Data

What can financial firms do with data? This question is more complex than it seems. All organizations in the financial sector have to think about keeping client data safe from a compliance and governance perspective, but that shouldn’t be the extent of their information use. — Practifi

8. Finance Is at Fault, Not Russia, Powell, or Biden

It’s Russia’s fault, cries the media. Others put the blame for recent stock declines at the feet of the Federal Reserve. Some fault Biden, the dollar, and OPEC. The financial media likes to have definitive explanations for every market gyration. We venture that in their current quest to explain this bear market, few media professionals realize that a simple Finance 101 formula accounts for about 90% of recent stock market losses. On the other hand, maybe they just don’t care. Biden, Russia, and OPEC garner many more viewers and advertising dollars than finance 101 basics. — Michael Lebowitz

9. Advisors, Clients Have Gloomy Outlooks, According To Survey

Market action in 2022 isn’t giving clients much reason to cheer, which isn’t surprising when considering stocks and bonds are falling and other assets are disappointing as well. With equities having spent significant time in a bear market this year and major fixed income benchmarks close to achieving the same dubious distinction, it’s a fact that the 2022 market environment is taking a toll on investors. — Todd Shriber

10. What Advisors Miss About Social Media: Being Social

Advisorpedia interviewed Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite, at the Riskalyze Fearless Investing Conference in October 2022.

11. 17 Rules To Remain Radically Relevant

One might argue that if your business doesn’t remain on the cutting edge of relevance, it’s doomed to extinction (or at least lackluster performance over time). — Bill Cates