11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Are You Charging Enough?

Firms have been trying for many years to identify what is a reasonable fee for various types of investors and wealth levels.  This dilemma has a significant impact on revenues and profitability, making it a key topic of discussion within financial firms.  Do wealthy investors feel their fees are fair?  Would they be willing to pay more? — Catherine McBreen

2. Don't Let Your Clients Invest Like Big Institutions

For decades, advisors have applied modern portfolio theory and other strategies intended for pension funds to individual investors' portfolios. A zillion pie charts and style boxes later, today's retail investors expect to be invested like multibillion-dollar institutions because that is where they've been told the best investing happens. — Rob Isbitts

3. Bull Markets Always Seem to End the Same

Pay attention to the market. The action this year is very reminiscent of previous market topping processes. Tops are hard to identify during the process as “change happens slowly.” The mainstream media, economists, and Wall Street will dismiss pickup in volatility as simply a corrective process. But when the topping process completes, it will seem as if the change occurred “all at once.” — Lance Roberts

4. Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons Prospects Should Choose You

You cultivate friends.  You talk with prospects.  Today they have more choices than ever.  Why should they do business with you and your firm?  You have your own set of reasons.  Here are a few more arrows for your quiver. — Bryce Sanders

5. Create Top Of Mind Awareness With Your Own Clients First

Who do most people turn to first for financial advice? Whoever is “top of mind”…and who is that usually? Their family. Research in multiple countries and jurisdictions repeatedly shows that the number one source of advice for consumers who do not currently take financial advice from a professional is their family, closely followed by their friends.  The numbers vary with each study, and I’ve seen some suggesting numbers as low as 29% of consumers turn to family first, and some suggesting that up to 67% do. — Tony Vidler

6. Solving for the Cash Conundrum with Short Term Municipal Bonds

The economic uncertainty ignited by the coronavirus outbreak sparked a flight to quality and unparalleled levels of cash flowing out of risk assets and into bank accounts, CDs and money market funds. Many investors, fearful of the impact of market volatility, chose to sacrifice return for asset classes that they believed provided a safe haven. As many investors start to get off the sidelines and back into assets with greater return potential, it’s our perspective that these investors can find an optimal risk-return balance in short-term municipal bonds. — Eric Snyder

7. Grow Wealth Through Strategic Real Estate Investing with Weldon Evans

Weldon Evans is the National Sales Director of ExchangeRight, a real estate investment company that provides REIT, fund and 1031 DST portfolios that target secure capital, stable income and strategic exits for their clients. In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Weldon discuss how ExchangeRight manages real estate investments in order to faithfully steward wealth. — Power Your Advice

8. Just Roll With the Value Rally

Nearly six months into 2021 and it's safe to say tales of the value stock resurgence are becoming redundant, but in a good way. This is the quick tale of the tape. As of June 11, the S&P Value Index is up 18.1% year-to-date, an advantage of 800 basis points over its growth counterpart and of 420 basis points over the S&P 500. After lagging growth for over a decade, value's 2021 showing is undoubtedly impressive and long overdue at that. — Todd Shriber

9. Earn Your Audience’s Trust Through Vulnerability with Gavin Hammar

Most of us want to avoid airing our mistakes. Especially on social media. And especially if we’re brand leaders who are hoping to build credibility with our audience and gain their trust. This week’s guest has discovered that showing this level of vulnerability online is the best –– and maybe the only –– way to earn his audience’s trust. — Proud Mouth

10. Meme Stocks Mania: Clover Health Gains Big After GME, SNDL, AMC and BlackBerry

Since the start of 2021, a group of retail traders on social media platform Redditt have initiated multiple short squeezes in “meme” stocks. These stocks are fundamentally weak and have a high short-interest ratio. A short squeeze takes place when a stock experiences a significant uptick in its price. This in turn forces short-sellers to buy the stock and cover their losses. For example, if you are a trader who is bearish on a particular stock that is currently trading at $50 per share and is convinced that prices will move lower in the upcoming sessions, you will “short-sell” the stock. — Finscreener

11. The ETF You Want for Sunny and (Potentially) Cloudy Days

Are you getting frustrated waiting for a meaningful pullback in US equity ETFs? There have been pullbacks in some sectors if you know where to look. If you like to buy on pullbacks in bull markets (like me), you may have trouble swallowing some of the price levels and medium-term overbought technicals on many instruments right now. Digging deeper into the trenches, some areas have had meaningful pullbacks, and we are going to get into one ETF right now that is currently trading at/near key technical levels. — Rafael Zorabedian