11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. I-Bonds: Does a Risk-free Bond With a Seven Percent Yield Interest You?

Does a risk-free bond with a seven percent yield interest you? If so, read more about the red-headed stepchild of the bond world that is finally attracting investors. Series I Bonds (I-bonds) are bonds issued directly to the public by the Department of Treasury. Unlike most other bonds, I-bonds pay a coupon that adjusts for inflation. Not surprisingly, with inflation surpassing 8%, we receive quite a few questions on I-bonds. As such, this article provides more information on I-bonds to help you compare them versus TIPS and other types of bond. — Michael P. Lebowitz

2. What Is Your Book of Business Worth?

Your Advisory book of business is worth what someone else will pay for it, likely in the range of 2-3x your recurring revenue.  Fortunately, today that number is much higher than years’ past, but this could change rapidly over the coming years.  For starters, interest rates increasing means the cost to borrow money will be higher, possibly decreasing the valuation. — Jesse Witkowski

3. Wall Street’s “Green Light” To Get Into Crypto

Won’t governments just ban crypto? It’s one of the most common questions folks ask me. “Regulation” has been a bogeyman for the space since bitcoin (BTC) burst onto the scene 13 years ago. Folks have long speculated new rules will crush crypto markets. I couldn’t disagree more. Regulation won’t kill crypto. Instead, it will lead to much higher crypto prices, as I’ll show you today. — Stephen McBride

4. The Downside of Managing Risk

Risk management is an often used term in the financial industry, by providers of financial products, analysts, and financial advisors. It is often an integral part of many advisors’ investment process. But what does risk management really mean? And what is the downside? — Jay Mooreland

5. The Technology Revolution and Its Inevitable Impact on the Financial Advice Market

A digital tsunami is coming. This is your warning!  The major changes that are coming to the financial (digital) advisor are going to be disruptive in ways we’ve never seen before. — Adam Holt & Derek Notman

6. Why Market When Your Pipeline is Full?

How’s your lead flow been so far in 2022? If you’re like many practices I work with, you may be seeing a significant influx of prospects. It’s been a while since growth was quite so organic as it is right now. For me, it’s a bit more validation that the winds are now shifting in our favour (after years of blowing right in our faces). — Stewart Bell

7. Here’s Why Hedge Funds Suck

Goldman Sachs puts out some pretty interesting information on hedge funds. In their most recent report published in February, they analyzed 788 different hedge funds which account for $2.6 trillion of gross equity positions. That is a fancy way of saying those hedge funds manage $1.7 trillion and $873 billion of short positions. — David B. Armstrong

8. Another Ambitious Tesla Forecast Emerges

Tesla critics, of which there are plenty and they, interestingly, frequently make their voices heard on Twitter, aren’t shy about extending their criticism to ARK. Nor is ARK shy about unveiling ambitious price targets on Tesla. Of course, advisors are right to take those calls with a grain of salt, but it’s also worth noting the fund issuer has a history of accuracy with its Tesla calls. — Todd Shriber

9. Not Getting Through to Your Clients? 5 Ways to Step Up Your Engagement

Most financial advisors understand the importance of client communications. Those who don’t find out the hard way that poor or infrequent communications is the number one reason clients leave their financial advisor, according to a Financial Advisor Magazine survey. But what if you feel you have a deliberate client communications strategy, yet your clients seem to be unresponsive or not engaging with you at a level that gives you confidence they are fully on board? — Don Connelly

10. 8 Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in Less Time

Have you ever had a day that you were SO BUSY, but at the end of the day looked back and realized that you didn’t actually do or complete any of the major things you needed to? I know most Financial Advisors want to work less, and know they need to manage themselves to get more done (in addition to having a killer, effective team & good systems!). — Libby Greiwe

11. Reigniting Your Ambition To Serve and Grow as a Financial Professional

Join David Rutherford, a highly sought-after performance coach who combines immutable principles drawn from his intense experience in the Navy SEAL community along with actionable strategies from the world of business development and entrepreneurship. His client list is a who’s who in corporate America as well as champion amateur and professional sports teams. — Duncan MacPherson