11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. How to Discuss Russia/Ukraine Conflict with Clients

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, plenty of market observers weren't enthusiastic about emerging markets equities and that's despite the fact that Russian stocks represent small percentages of related benchmarks and Ukraine is basically nowhere to be found in those indexes. — Todd Shriber

2. Bear Market Strategies: Are You Ready?

The Federal Reserve and federal government have showered massive liquidity on the economy and markets to combat the pandemic. Their medicine worked. Economic activity rebounded quickly. Stocks and other assets soared in price, and in many cases, valuations now mirror those from 1999 and 1929. Fiscal spending is normalizing quickly, and the Fed is warning investors they are ready to remove stimulus. Such a reversal of monetary and fiscal liquidity does not guarantee a reversal of asset prices, but it means the odds of a bear market increase. As such, it’s time to start thinking about bear market strategies. — Michael P. Lebowitz

3. How Can People Tell If You Are Sincere?

People do business with people they trust.  It’s one of the reasons why sellers on e-Bay are so concerned to get positive feedback after you buy something from them.  Its why restaurants want good reviews on Trip Advisor.  They feel peer reviews are very trustworthy.  When you are attending community events and social prospecting, you meet people.  How can they tell if you are sincere? — Bryce Sanders

4. The Zelensky Lesson

The power of inspiration and momentum that witnessing such determination, vision and sheer courage bring, can not be underestimated - it is what makes their entire country so incredibly able to single-handedly stave off the deluded and psychopathic ambitions of a madman for all the rest of us, not the Ukraine only. — Duena Blomstrom

5. Assessing the Market Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine has roiled markets, but will the offensive have a long-standing impact on investment portfolios? Members of AGF’s Investment Management team weigh in on the various implications of the conflict and some of the potential outcomes that may arise from it. — AGF

6. Geopolitical Risk Could Sideline The Fed

“Geopolitical Risk” could well be a reason for the Fed to slow-roll tightening monetary policy in March. With Russia invading Ukraine, such would not be the first time that the Fed used “geopolitical risk” to remain cautious on changes to monetary policy. — Lance Roberts

7. Interviews With Innovators: Suzanne Siracuse

Advisorpedia editor and creative director Doug Heikkinen interviewed innovator and media legend Suzanne Siracuse at the FSI OneVoice Conference in February, 2022. — Advisorpedia Media Group

8. There Are More Risks Than Investment Risks

Risk management is about accounting for life’s risk - above and beyond investment risks. It’s a critical part of planning a family’s financial life and requires a separate section from financial planning so appropriate attention can be paid to these risks. — David Leo

9. The Investing Map Has Undergone a Regime Change

Over the past two years the markets have undergone a seminal change. This change, as I will describe it, could change the way investors allocate capital over the next cycle. We are talking about the global economy shifting from a disinflationary/deflationary tilt to a powerful inflationary burst. Investing in an inflationary world is juxtaposed to investing in the world we just left. Inflation is a very powerful force that becomes ingrained in the way we think about and handle our investing and spending our money. The Fed says they can vanquish it. What I discuss here is that the path to stable prices is neither easy nor quick. We have been investing with the wind at our backs for over 40 years. Now the wind is in our face and returns will likely be mainly from Alpha rather than Beta exposure. — Scott Coyler | Advisor Asset Management

10. How New Clients Could Be Holding Back Your Business

Right now, a lot of businesses are seeing an influx of new client opportunities. It’s a continuation of a trend that started last year and, after a few years of pipelines not necessarily being as strong as they had been, it’s pretty nice to see. — Stewart Bell

11. Marketing to Women Is the Most Lucrative Demographic Since the Onset of the Baby Boomers!

Plus, the transformation you’ll undergo as you develop a female-friendly practice will bring unbelievable focus, clarity, and conviction, all of which have the power to draw better, more highly qualified clients to your business. — Adri Miller-Heckman