12 Team Bonding Activities Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Team bonding is an important part of a business. Your success depends upon the ability of those you have employed to work together seamlessly to complete tasks thoughtfully and on time. Unfortunately, the busyness of work days can prevent your team members from getting to know each other, which can have a negative impact on their effectiveness. This is why it is so vital that you set aside time for everyone to participate in group activities to strengthen ties and spirit of community. Try to plan for events on a regular basis to keep the sense of unity strong.

Physical Challenges

Exercise and physical challenges can be a welcome relief to many after being stuck behind a desk for the majority of the day. Consider having a friendly competition or create a team for league sports. A pool would be a welcome break from a warm climate and can easily be added to your property by looking for pool builders near me.


Sometimes getting away from the office is the environment your team needs to truly get to know each other and come up with some great ideas. A retreat outside of town gives everyone a chance to recharge and make some connections.

Company Lunch

Another great way that you can promote team bonding is by hosting a company lunch. Your employees work hard for you. Reward them with a catered me to show appreciation and give them some downtime to catch up with each other.

Scavenger Hunt

A group activity can easily forge stronger bonds between your employees. A fun, and physical activity like a scavenger hunt is a great choice. You could have groups compete to see who completes their tasks first. You could make the items found related to the work, or purely for fun.

Puzzles and Games

Games and puzzles are always a great way to encourage employees to work together. It's a fun way to bring out their competitive side and test cognitive skills

Escape Room

A popular team activity to try is an escape room. This is a challenging task that adds an element of urgency as your employees work together to solve a series of clues in order to be freed.

Community Service

If you are looking for ideas on how to build a stronger sense of community within your office, why not expand that idea and have your employees bond while doing some good in the local community as well? You can foster a good relationship with your employees and your neighborhood by offering your help.


Everyone loves a trivia game. This is a simple and crowd pleasing way to bring your employees together. Have them work in teams to answer questions and test their knowledge. You can stick to company policy and relevant issues, or random fun facts.


Holding an office wide debate is another way that you can build stronger bonds. Debates are a great opportunity for your employees to work together to prove their knowledge and explore both sides of an argument.

Truth Telling

A more personal game that you can play to help your employees get to know each other is having them tell two truths and one lie about themselves. Others have to guess which is the lie. Since each person will offer up the facts about themselves, you can be confident that the game will remain fun since no one will need to reveal anything that they are uncomfortable with.

Artistic Expression

Sometimes it helps to bond over a creative endeavor. Hosting a painting party or other means of artistic expression gets those creative juices flowing and offers a fun new activity to discover.


A final idea is to combine several events into an office wide tournament. Why not have a series of tasks for teams to complete. One week can be an athletic competition, and another can be trivia or a debate.

A tighter knit group of employees is able to work together better. They have a deeper sense of each other and more respect and willingness to help one another out. Try a few of these bonding exercises to see the great results you can get.