What to Say When Someone Asks You What You Do


Today, you will learn how to respond when a prospect or acquaintance asks you what you do.

Early in my life, I became interested in the mind and how it reacts to new information, as well as established hard-wired habits and beliefs. The findings were fascinating.

While most advisors and financial coaches respond when asked, “What do you do?” with “I am an advisor”, or “I am a financial coach”. This is actually one of the worst possible responses.

In today’s episode, “Elevator Pitch Script – What to Say When Someone Asks You What You Do”, you will learn the best response from our research in serving the affluent women and couples market.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The scripting process
  • A live demonstration for affluent clients and business owners
  • Why responding with “I am a (blank)” is not a good idea
  • The exact elevator pitch script I recommend
  • Why most responses are not successful
  • The most important scripts
  • The neuroscience behind the best responses to questions about what you do
  • How to access a free resource to create your affluent women and couple’s marketing plan
  • Why you need to identify your ideal niche market before you create your script or response
  • What you should never say when engaging with a prospect or potential client
  • The best step after you identify your list of scripts
  • Why becoming a master is so critical when creating and applying your scripts
  • The two questions you need to ask yourself before telling a prospect or client what you do

First published in MillionaireSeries.com

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