Top Sales Secrets Learned To Help You Succeed

Many conversations of varying business topics have a familiar theme, and that’s why I’m writing top sales secrets learned to help you succeed.  My career in the early stage would have been far easier if I were already familiar with the top sales secrets I learned.  But it is the willingness to proceed, no matter what we encounter, that teaches us valuable lessons. 

Before we proceed to sell or pursue an idea or career, it is essential to introspectively examine the significant events in our lives that come before.  Mentally review the lessons for the good and the bad, the ones that stand out in your memory over time.  Once a recollection comes to mind, consider the emotions surrounding the memory and why that might be. 

“Proceed with the attitude that whatever you previously found distasteful, you will not repeat when approaching another."

Accept ‘No’ with a Smile

You may wonder why anyone would happily accept the answer of ‘no’! Two answers confirm the reason for taking ‘no’ with a smile:

  • Is it likely that you never changed your mind in your lifetime? Should the person and company catch your interest, it doesn’t hurt to call back in six months to say, ‘I was thinking about you and want to know how you are doing.’  The one thought can turn the communications around for the better.  Deep down, most people want to know that you care about them above making the sale.
  • Should the ‘no’ be forever with no change of mind ahead, feel the relief of not wasting your time needlessly.

Acceptance of ‘no’ with a smile adds to the motivation to continue going to find your ‘Yes!’

Game Play with Yourself

Whether you are seeking a new job or another client, ensure the process is enjoyable, or you may give up before its time.  For those avid in their approach for acquiring what they desire, consider these ideas:

  • Each day, track ‘Yes’ vs. ‘No’ to see if the positive response percentage increases over time.
  • Once comfortable, approach career possibilities and companies beyond your current expertise to see what happens. Should you receive a ‘yes,’ knowledge will increase at a more rapid rate enabling you to advance more quickly.
  • Track the valuable lessons learned each day and approach the next with a ‘lesson learned’ attitude.

Feel your confidence and energy increase as you move forward.

Flexibility Leads to Successful Negotiation

Upon hearing I needed to learn how to negotiate, I wondered how stringent one needs to be to master the art successfully.  The traditional image is that of men attempting to strong-arm one another.  I did not realize that I was already negotiating but in my unique style.  Flexibility comes from an enjoyable and relaxing conversation that encourages extra insights. 

Gaining the other person’s perspective first leads to precise questions that will advance the conversation positively.  Upon engaging in the heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind discussions, and by asking, ‘why?’, the question unearths hidden truths and gold nuggets of information that lead to making the sale.

Sales Lessons Recap:

  1. Finally, the most important lesson I learned to embrace is that I’m not the root cause for things going wrong, and neither are you! 
  2. It all boils down to whether a match is in the making, and if not, walk away with a smile.  
  3. Opportunities are endless, and it’s our task to find the right ones that will advance our journey and bring satisfaction to a job well done.

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