Dynamic Follow Up For Financial Advisors Captures 25% More Business

Most Advisors allow 25% or more potential clients to slip through their fingers.  Just because they are not ready to do business now, potential prospects often get lost in the database, or advisors lose interest in following up. That’s why a nurture email and a dynamic follow-up program are SO essential to capturing more assets.

A Dynamic Follow-Up Program is all about adding value, and you must GIVE to RECEIVE.

Prospects need to see the value you provide that they are NOT getting from their current advisor. Let me explain and give you a perfect example:

Quinn, a brand new Advisor with no sales experience, joined a new team.  As their coach, I suggested she focus on COI’s, promoting her focus on women.  While I got some resistance from the senior partners who stated, “COI marketing doesn’t work and takes too long.” They trusted my judgment and have since changed their tune.

Quinn’s calls and meetings were NOT to promote the team as total wealth advisors but zeroed in their desire to engage and educate women. In one month, Quinn secured seven appointments with Divorce Attorneys.  After each meeting, he used one of my Interactive Nurture Emails as a follow-up and got an immediate response from the attorneys who shared, “This is really good.”  

Using one of our femXadvisor interactive female-friendly tools, Quinn VALIDATED her commitment to helping women and showed the attorneys the VALUE she provides that other advisors don’t.

Free Phone Script for COI’s

Having unique tools that women love can totally transform your follow-up program creating more traction and interaction.

Most advisors’ challenge is finding those tools, which is why our coaching clients love accessing our Interactive Library filled with quizzes, worksheets, and provocative questions that reinforce your commitment to engaging women more effectively.

Here are a few different ways you can use interactive materials to connect with women:

  • Seminars: Send helpful worksheets, checklists, or quizzes that provide additional value and reinforce the message from your seminar

  • Networking: You’ve just initiated a relationship with new women, by using some key materials from the interactive library you can keep that relationship alive and even elevate it to accelerate your client conversion.

  • Cold calling: You can warm up cold calls by sending material designed for women piquing their interest before and after your call.

  • Meetings with COIs: After meeting with a center of influence and sharing your focus on women, you can forward examples of the kinds of emails you send to your women clients validating your commitment and focus on women

By integrating a more female-friendly email and follow-up program, you will begin to gain greater respect and appreciation from your female clients and contacts generating more interest, referrals, new accounts and production.

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