Capture Generations Of Women With Your Brand

Morgan, a new advisor, had built an amazing process securing well over 40 speaking engagements and getting herself in front of more than 1000 women. While the process of securing these opportunities was a total winner Morgan and Cindy (her Mother and partner) were not able to fully capitalize on this event, that’s when they called me for coaching.

After getting to know the two of them and learning about their business it became quite clear what they were missing.

  • They needed a stronger brand that participants would remember.
  • They needed a more defined follow up process to enhance conversions and appointments.
  • They needed to host their own events which they could promote at their guest speaker events driving more traffic to their office and website.
  • They needed more consistency and continuity in their messaging using more personal and authentic language not financial speak.

It was clear to me that once we incorporated this plan they would spend less time, less effort, less money and start generating more results, culminating in more qualified leads, new accounts, more referrals and a name and message that everyone remembered. And that’s exactly what happened.

Today Morgan and Cindy are known as The Mother Daughter Duo at Morgan Stanley (I bet you will even remember that name). Their focus is on “Millennial Money Mavens” who are building careers and wealth in addition to “Achieving Women” who are looking to thrive in retirement. By zeroing in on the two tribal markets they were able to build an event program that was more appealing to that particular market.

Along they way they have fine-tuned this process to have it require less time and energy, but ensure every component is working together to more effectively brand themselves as the Mother Daughter Duo for women young and old. This has all been done by:

  • Strategically adjusting their company-sponsored presentations reducing the more technical slides and deleting slides all together to create more opportunities to engage the women in discussions.
  • Hosting their proprietary events at their branch once a month to provide another opportunity to build credibility and trust.
  • Creating a calendar of events that has become their primary marketing tool, which promotes and reinforces their message brand and commitment to educating and engaging women.

But here is what makes this process brilliant.

When the young millennia’s learn that Morgan and Cindy also focus on Achieving Women they are inspired to encourage their mothers to attend the next event. When the Achieving Women realize The Mother Daughter Duo also work with millennial’s the mothers are inspired to share and encourage their daughters to become involved. This marketing plan has created a multi-generational practice and a dynamic source of referrals that is fun, easy and effortless but more importantly will last for generations to come.

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