Best Thing to Do After You Write a Deal?

Writing a deal (making a sale), is an exhilarating thing, and there are many ways to celebrate.

Some companies have a deal board where you can write down your latest sale so the other team members can see it.

Other companies have a bell to ring, so, again, other team members can be encouraged by your success.

I’ve seen some reps strut around the office, stopping at their workmate’s desk to share their glory or tell the (often long) story of how that deal went down.

Some sales reps go directly into the kitchen where they’ll find a group of other reps—and even a manager or two—and they share the good news there.

Other reps may go down to the café or coffee shop and treat themselves to a latte or piece of pie.

Question: What do all of these forms of celebration have in common?

Answer: They all take you (and your successful energy) away from your desk—and your next pitch.

Years ago, when I was telling the fourth sales rep of my latest big sale, my manager pulled me aside and asked me if I was excited by my successful close. “Heck yeah!” I replied.

He then suggested that my next presentation might benefit from the success and momentum I had. He said that wasting that on other sales reps (and taking them off the phone) was a waste of that energy, and that the best thing I could do after making a sale was to pick up the phone and make another one.

I was a little offended by this, but I took his advice and channeled my energy into my next pitch, and guess what? I closed that deal, too!

And that’s when I got it. “Strike while the iron’s hot,” the expression is.

Nothing breeds success like success, and prospects and clients can feel when you’re successful. And they want to buy from someone who is enthusiastic and successful.

So, the next time you close a sale, stay at your desk! Pick the phone up and keep that momentum going!

Remember: The best time to make a sale is right after you’ve made one!