5 Proven Ways Broadcasting Helps To Increase Leads

Written by: Lydia Iseh

Most businesses strive to bring a solution to the needs of the customers and clients. The end goal is to make them feel happy and satisfied.  However, my team and I found that one of our main drawbacks was not reaching our customers’ hearts and minds in providing them solutions the way they needed. 

Many times, through user feedback and reviews, we discovered our marketing efforts were at best average and our products? They got the job done, but there was still room for improvement. 

Our digital marketing team quickly realized that poor customer satisfaction ratings would quickly send our customer base to our competition. After strategizing and much research, we found one tool that helps to significantly improve customer satisfaction and also increase leads for potential customers. 

This two-in-one strategy is essential for many businesses. And so I am sharing how this tool boosted our results and how you can employ it too. This article will help you answer questions like:

  • How can I increase my lead conversion rates?
  • How can I understand clients better to improve my businesses’ services?
  • How can I reach my clients in real-time?

Live Broadcasting and why I find it important

The magic strategy we employed that boosted our customer satisfaction and lead conversions are Live Broadcasting. Before I proceed to tell you how, what is live broadcasting?

Live broadcasting is a type of broadcasting where the video airs live (in real-time), sending one signal across a broad area on the internet. At the time of its recording, followers, streamers, watchers, and subscribers worldwide can view the video as long as they connect to the internet and streaming platform. 

Many times, live broadcast videos have a comment box or reaction section. Those on the other end of the video or sound can drop their comments while the recording is ongoing. 

Live broadcasts can reach millions of users worldwide as long as they connect to the streaming platform or channel. Popular live broadcast platforms include WhisbiInstagramFacebookYouTube LiveTwitch, and many others. 

Live broadcasts, especially video broadcast, fits in the present and future of customer behavior. Like TV used to be one of the main advert channels, many users now watch videos on their mobile phones. 

By connecting to your customer base through live broadcasting, you don’t need to take them out of their comfort zone to pass your message across. And it opens you up to other benefits like the ones we started to enjoy when we employed the Live broadcasting strategy. 

The pros of using Live Broadcasting for an increase in leads

As we kicked off the new marketing and outreach strategy, it wasn’t long till the results started to show. Here are the pros we found in using Live Broadcasting and how it helped us increase leads.  

1. It increased our brand engagement

Through the live broadcast, we improved the way customers interact with our brand. Usually, when a live broadcast begins, subscribers and followers get notified so that they can tune in to follow. It creates a sense of urgency that spurs them to take action and join in.

Once we were able to get the viewers on board, our content was what made them stay. We increased engagement and feedback in real-time through interactive and engaging content that showcases our brand and what we have to offer. 

Our target audience responded to live broadcasts like our Live Q & A sessions, where we answered their pressing questions as the recording was going on. 

Key Takeaway: To get better engagement during live broadcasts, choose topics that breed interaction and feedback. A live broadcast where you only talk continuously without giving room for audience reaction will not serve the purpose. 

It helped us personify our brand

One issue we tried to fix with Live broadcasts was brand personification. Our brand was faceless, and this affected the way our clients and customers trusted us. Many times, your audience and consumers of your products want to know the face behind the brand.

They want to feel the personality of the brand and not just churning out information all the time. With Live broadcasts videos, we got our audience’s attention by showing them who we are and gave our brand a human feel. 

One way we achieved this was through behind-the-scenes live videos of our work processes. Clients were excited to see who was at the backend of building our products. 

The staff’s smiling faces, the unfinished products still in the works, and being able to walk them through some of our processes gave them a better idea of what the company stands for.

Key Takeaway: Live broadcast videos help you to connect your brand to the customer base. Connecting with the people behind the brand is almost like an in-person interaction that fosters trust. When customers trust the brand, they are more inclined to purchase their offerings. 

2. It helped us reach new customers

We noticed an increase in visitors and newer customers on our broadcast channels upon gaining momentum and going live weekly. This increase in viewership meant more people to push our products to, and with a good follow-up strategy, we made more sales.

For consistency, we created a content calendar to ensure we met our “Live weekly” target. We also confirmed that the content was diverse and touched a wide range of topics to avoid boring our subscribers. And we took steps to ensure our varying demographic would take their time to visit our broadcast channel. 

Key Takeaway: Consistency in going live pays off in the long run. It helps you attract new potential customers and increase your leads. 

3. It provides fast content for our other platforms

The good thing about live broadcasts is that the video lives on, even after the recording completes. At the end of our live videos, we save the recording for other social media platforms. While video content is appealing to most audiences, we understand that the broadcast platform might not be many people’s first choice. So instead of making them go to the video, we brought it to them!

We share the video or short clips of it with links to watching it on our other platforms. This way, no customer is left out. It also serves as a base for more content since we could transcribe the video to text and use it to create a valuable infographic. Enough content to go around! 

Key Takeaway: Your live video can still be helpful after it airs. You can transform the content to audio or text. And then share it on other platforms to reach varying categories of your target audience.

4. Training for how to serve our customers better

One of the most exciting benefits we gained from Live broadcasts: Through real-time interactions and communications during broadcasts, we can research our products and services and learn the better improvements to make.

With new knowledge and insight on creating a customer-centric product, we built an offering that addressed clients’ specific needs. The process helped us to increase customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction led to referrals, which boosted our lead rates significantly, a win for us. 

Key Takeaway: Feedback from the audience through Live broadcasts helps you grow your business and opens opportunities for your audience to be a part of your growth process.  

Tips & Ideas: How I conducted Live Broadcast sessions 

Before launching the Live Broadcast strategy, I decided how the team would introduce it to our customer base and enthusiasts. Speaking with the digital marketing team, we decided to kick off with a pre-launch video to build a buzz around our new broadcast channel. 

The goal was to make clients eager and interested in checking out the pilot broadcast and then grabbing their attention from there. We went through specific types of video content for every live broadcast, giving them a theme and a structure. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Do a live broadcast Q & A session to engage the audience in a discourse about the brand. 
  2. Try a behind-the-scenes “all around the workshop/office” live broadcast intimating the audience about the processes that go into your work.
  3. Similarly, you can show off a product in use or production. 
  4. Run a live tutorial on how to use some of your services and offerings.
  5. Conduct live interviews with authorities in your industry about trending topics
  6. Do a quirky live session about a funny, trendy topic where you give your own opinion and ask your audience for their insights.
  7. Host a live giveaway or raffle draw for the audience


In reaching your customer satisfaction and acquisition goals, you may try many different strategies. However, we find the one that works for us is with Live broadcasting. 

Our customers attested to an improved experience with our products and offerings. We also observed up to a 25% increase in lead conversion rates after every live broadcast video. 

With the help of live broadcast tools like Whisbi, you’re all set for significant improvement!

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Lydia Iseh is a writer with years of experience writing SEO content that provides value to the reader. As someone who believes in the power of SEO to transform businesses, she enjoys being part of the process that helps websites rank high on search engines.