STP Investment Ushers in a New Dawn of Wealth Management Tech

Those in the wealth management space have seen the recent evolution of increasingly complex demands placed on firms, brought on by the need for a more digitally focused client experience and accelerated by the pandemic’s rapid global disruption.

And while wealth management firms can tap into a continuum of robust, impactful technology and service options to try to meet these growing needs, many existing solutions come with their own challenges. Leveraging a technology stack requires staff and resources to vet, implement and manage the platform, while most traditional outsourced service models deliver operational efficiency at the costly expense of transparency and control.

Enter STP Investment Services. This award-winning, technology-enabled services company, which provides front, middle, and back-office solutions for more than $330 billion in total assets, is ushering in a new era of operational synergies for wealth management firms.

Earlier this year, STP launched its BluePrint platform, a web-based, “more-than-a-portal” experience offering unprecedented transparency, flexibility and control to firms looking to minimize administrative tasks and manage a high volume of accounts at lightning fast speeds.

Losing Operational Burdens Without Losing Flexibility and Control

STP's BluePrint is ideal for wealth management firms that are already employing other software and technology services, but are struggling to properly leverage all key benefits or are not satisfied with the level of service they're receiving from vendors.

Another way of looking at BluePrint is that it helps advisors retain more of their most precious commodity: Time.

“Growing wealth management firms don’t need more technology–they need more time,” notes STP’s President and CEO, Patrick Murray. “Today’s existing all-in-one tech solutions don't effectively balance sways to streamline operational efficiencies while providing much-needed transparency and control. Instead, advisors can truly benefit from an outsourced model that is tech-powered but is focused, at its core, on service first.”

To stay competitive in an evolving landscape, wealth management firms need to optimize the way they work and consistently deliver an exceptional client experience. And a compelling alternative to building a full tech stack, choosing to outsource front, middle and back office operations can create tremendous efficiencies for growing wealth management firms trying to meet increasing client demands. This, bundled with a technology like BluePrint, can offer firms the tools and services they need to fit their unique needs.

A BluePrint for Success

When it comes down to it, reducing time devoted to tedious tasks while boosting efficiencies frees up time and financial resources – and every advisor wants more of those two things.

Whether you’re just getting into the business or managing tens of billions of dollars, STP BluePrint offers an alternative: A thoughtfully engineered outsourced model that prioritizes exceptional service, complete transparency, true partnership, and intentionally innovative technology.

To learn more, register to attend STP Investment Services CE-eligible webinar: “Stop Buying Technology: When it Makes Sense to Outsource”.