How to Protect Your Client’s Digital Assets

Want to differentiate yourself from the advisor down the street? 

Consider offering a service that your clients don’t even realize they need yet. (When you mention it, they’ll have a lightbulb moment!)

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Betsy Ehrenberg. She’s the CEO and founder of Legacy Concierge, a fintech firm that protects a person’s wealth and digital assets –– emails, videos, playlists, etc. –– after they’ve passed away. Betsy shares how you can help your clients store financial records securely and preserve their memories — making life easier for future generations.

Betsy discusses:

  • How to incorporate Legacy Concierge’s LOCKYT Services into your client experience
  • The best way to position legacy vaults to clients and prospects
  • Top tips to build relationships with your clients’ adult children
  • How legacy vaults help strengthen relationships with CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals
  • And more

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