3 Industries That Can Easily Make the Switch To Solar Energy

There are plenty of reasons for businesses to switch to solar energy. Being in control of your own power supply, saving money and helping the environment are only a few reasons to consider making the switch. The transition is easier for some industries to do than others, and here are three that can do so with relatively few interruptions.

1. Agriculture

The agriculture industry is well known to produce a large percentage of pollution every year. Livestock produces greenhouse gasses while pesticides and other chemicals used on crops can have a negative impact on the water supply and surrounding ecosystems. Switching to solar energy could go a long way towards reducing the negative impact this industry has on the environment. Aside from reducing the environmental impact, there are a few other reasons why agriculture is an ideal industry for solar power. These companies typically already have large portions of land that can be used to install solar panels, and existing panel systems work well with barn roofs. A solar panel battery can be used to store excess power in case of an emergency, so daily operations don't have to be interrupted even if there's an issue. Plus, solar panels can be installed on unused land and provide another source of income for farmers. Farmers may even qualify for grants that will help them make the switch to more sustainable energy production.

2. Commercial

Like farms, commercial businesses also have the benefit of large areas of unused space. Commercial businesses may not have swaths of land, but they do tend to have large, flat roofs that would be perfect for installing solar panels. Since the panels would be out of the way, they wouldn't impact the look of the building from the ground floor, which can be important when trying to build a specific company aesthetic. Solar panels can allow these businesses to supply their own power, but there's another benefit many companies may not think of at first. Branding plays a huge part in the success of a business, and part of building a brand involves selecting important values and showing how important those values are in the way a business is run. A business can show their commitment to the environment and greater sustainable practices by making solar power a part of their personal brand. Customers who identify with those same values will not only be glad to shop, but to also encourage others to shop as well. In addition, making a pledge to help the environment is just one way to help employees feel proud about their place of work. When they know the work they do has a positive impact, they're more likely to perform at their best each day.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry that uses massive amounts of power, which can mean a large portion of expenses goes towards electricity. Manufacturing companies can take charge of their own power supply, save money and help the environment all at once. Like commercial businesses, manufacturers can use their dedication to sustainability as a selling point for potential clients or buyers. Just like in the other industries, manufacturing plants tend to have big roofs that are perfect for solar panel installations. It may take an initial investment to install all the panels a company would need to supply the massive amounts of power, but the savings could be astronomical, especially after the federal tax credit is taken into account.

Switching to solar energy can seem intimidating, especially when power is utilized at such a massive scale and it is critical for the power supply to be consistent. Luckily, solar power companies have made huge advancements over the years, and they are now able to service many different kinds of industries according to their specific needs. Regardless of the space available, chances are there's a solar panel system that will be efficient and effective for businesses committed to taking charge of their own energy source.

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