How to Hire an Architect


Insight on how to build a new home or remodel an existing house, while avoiding the costly mistakes that many people make.

In today’s episode you will learn the real-world how-to on building a new home and hiring an architect. I share lessons I learned from millions as well as how we are dealing with the challenges we are experiencing.

I share lessons I have learned in over three decades of consulting with wealthy clients who have invested in real estate. If you want the inside scoop of the wealthy or are an advisor who consults with millionaires, you will love today’s episode!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What you need to know about building a new home
  • Insight on hiring the right architectural firm (the first time)
  • How to save money (this insight saved us over $150,000)
  • The one lesson that saved us tens of thousands of dollars
  • Insight for first time builders as well as seasoned homeowners
  • The inside scoop on what millionaire real estate investors know
  • The one question you must ask that will save you thousands of dollars
  • Different real estate development insights and options
  • Insight that most people do not know (or that they do not tell you)
  • How to save money when building a home
  • The most important lesson I learned building a home (and that could have cost me $250,000 in lost revenue)
  • Insight into developing real estate
  • What wealthy investors do that others don’t do
  • Strategies and insight on how to think like a wealthy person
  • The most important first step when building or remodeling a home
  • How millionaire make decisions

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