Dealing With Burnout

Written by: Peter Minkoff

Burnout is common nowadays when trying to multitask in every aspect of our lives. Whether deadlines at work are catching up with you or you need to think about running your business while managing a household and looking after your old parents, not leaving enough time to breathe and recharge quickly takes its toll on you. Prevention is the best medicine, but when you don't even realise you're heading in the burnout direction, here's what you can do to deal with it in the best way.

Reflect on your starting point

The starting point of solving a problem is thinking about its cause. Going back in your mind to figure out how you ended up in the current position will help you prevent future burnout while allowing you to deal with the current one. Were you too busy to notice that you're sinking deeper into the pile of workload? Did you not have the courage to tell your bosses that they're giving you too much work with too short deadlines? Whatever the problem, find the cause of it and work on preventing it in the future.

Talk to someone about your problems

Often, we find ourselves knee-deep in work and errands when we want to run away from hardship. If you've gone through a difficult period in your life, it's best to talk to someone about your struggles than to find an escape at work. You will quickly burn out, which will not be useful to anyone. Confide yourself in a friend who will know to listen carefully and potentially offer invaluable advice. Alternatively, you can always find a therapist to talk to if chatting to a stranger feels more comfortable. Not only will they listen, but teach you how to take better care of your mental health.

Address your health

Fatigue and anxiety are some of the most common side-effects of burnout. Offering yourself enough rest while also eating regularly will help you revitalise. Aside from eating healthy food rich in lean meat, fruits and vegetables, stock up on supplements. Take plenty of vitamins and minerals, including whole-body collagen, to boost your energy and feel vital again. Paying attention to your energy levels and mood changes is essential to know whether you're approaching another burnout or working at a healthy pace.

You need Me time

When was the last time you unwound with a glass of your favourite drink and enjoyed alone time? If you can’t remember, it’s high time you dropped all the work and pampered yourself immediately. Me time is a vital form of self-care that allows you to find your peace and recharge for the following day. Leave all your worries away by having one night a week only for yourself and your favourite rituals. Read a book, do yoga, meditate, and have a spa day with an at-home massage and DIY facial.

Point out the problem to your superiors

Have you ever talked to your bosses about the workload they’re giving you? Have they ever asked whether you can do everything without compromising your personal time? Speak up. Even before the next meeting or evaluation, o to your bosses and tell them that you need less work because the current workload is too much. Your health comes first, and if it becomes compromised you cannot stay productive at work or live a happy life. Work with your superiors to create a new work scheme for your duties and set your limits from the start.

Learn to say No

Learning to say No will save you so many heartaches and nerves. Some people will take advantage of your kindness by giving you too many tasks. Being kind is one thing, but allowing someone to take you for a fool is an entirely different matter. So, learn to stand up for yourself and reject doing someone a favour that will cost too much.

Final thoughts

In recent years, burnout has become one of the main problems for people worldwide. Whether because they prefer to focus on work than on their problems or because they don't know how to stand up for themselves, burnout became inevitable. If you're one of the overexerted people, this guide will help you deal with it and prevent future burnout. Trust us, we have tried and succeeded; and so will you.

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