Abra Cadabra: Words and Wonders

Have you ever heard the phrase “Abra Cadabra”? This magical expression has enthralled people for centuries.

Its mystical origins match its enchanting effects. Serenus Sammonicus, a physician to Roman emperors in the second century CE, first used it.

As Rome battled malaria, Romans blamed the disease on malevolent air, coining it “malaria” from the Italian for “bad air.” Unaware that mosquitoes spread the disease, they thought it stemmed from curses. Serenus created a ritual, writing “abra cadabra” repeatedly and removing one letter each time until one remained. He had patients wear this as a talisman for nine days to combat the bad air, then throw it into a river.

Abra cadabra is also linked to the Greek word “abraxas,” whose letters total 365—the number of days in a year. The term’s roots also reach back to Aramaic, where “abra” means “I have created,” and “cadabra” translates to “by my speech.” This pairing underscores the belief that words shape reality, a foundational concept for magicians.

Consider Harry Houdini, the renowned magician and escape artist. He spent his life pushing beyond what seemed possible; looking at magical opportunities, not problems. His performances revealed that many obstacles are just illusions, dismantled through creativity and action.

Walking our talk might just be our real magic. It’s like saying “Abra Cadabra” but with a touch of reality. Every time we invoke this spell, it’s a challenge to unlock new opportunities and shape our reality with the vibrant power of our courage and intention. What if the obstacles we face are only illusions? Maybe then, we become the trailblazers, leaders and creators needed in this moment.

In doing so, we uncover the true magic within ourselves, transforming challenges into opportunities with each curious and magical step we take.

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