Ayelet Baron

Ayelet Baron helps leaders thrive – she is a global strategist who speaks, writes and consults people and organizations to gain a 21st century edge. Today Ayelet is at the forefront of fixing what's broken in business and transforming organizations as a visionary looking at the future of work. At Simplifying Work, she is focused on pioneering more people-centered ways to work that leverage connected networks and build trusted communities. She is currently an Innovator in Residence with Roche/Genentech helping to transform R&D. For more than a decade, Ayelet climbed the corporate ladder at tech giant, Cisco Systems where she held a number of global, executive roles focused on growth strategy, led strategy and competitive positioning. She co-founded Creating.Is, a movement to enlist a new breed of leaders who are making a difference in their communities.

Stories by Ayelet Baron

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