What It Means To Be An Advisor of The Future

What does it mean to be an advisor of the future? How can advisors become more productive over the next 10 years? What is your approach to client relationships?

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson is joined by Tyson Jon Ray CFP®, CIMA®, CEO of FORM Wealth. They cover a lot of ground including how to achieve professional contrast and how to activate future pacing as a goals-based planner with your clients, but also looking down the road at the evolution of this industry. Tyson shares details about FORM Wealth’s process and how they approach client relationships. Plus, Tyson explains what makes him and FORM Wealth different.

Tyson discusses:

  • The process FORM Wealth applies to help clients reach their financial goals
  • His approach and how he views client relationships
  • Why he wrote the book “Your World Impact: As A Financial Advisor”
  • What makes him different from other authors of business development books
  • How the definition of getting out of commotized wealth management has evolved recently
  • How advisors can become more productive 
  • And more

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