Transforming Lives Through Accessible Genetic Testing with Dahlia Attia-King

Join us as Panacea Founder and CEO, Dahlia Attia-King, explores the transformative potential of clinical genetic testing, and how Panacea is breaking down barriers and revolutionizing healthcare accessibility to empower individuals in taking control of their health with disease prevention.

They also discussed:

  • The technology of next-gen sequencing, its power in identifying hereditary disease risks, and the value of genetic information.
  • Challenges in genetic testing adoption: Lack of insurance coverage and doctors’ reluctance.
  • Panacea’s approach to bypass barriers by working with specialized physicians, genetic counselors, and certified genetic laboratories.
  • Comparison between Panacea and companies like 23andMe, emphasizing the focus on clinical genetic testing for life-saving information.
  • Process after purchasing a test from Panacea.
  • Challenges with obtaining genetic testing from traditional healthcare providers.
  • Addressing data privacy concerns in genetic testing and Panacea’s commitment to respecting users’ data.


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