The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship

Do you feel like you have to sacrifice time with your family to be a successful business owner? 

The good news is that there are enough hours in a day to be an outstanding father and entrepreneur.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Jeff Lopes, the founder of numerous seven- and eight-figure corporations, host of the top-rated entrepreneurial podcast Jeff Knows Inc., life coach, and best-selling author. As a proud father of two, husband, and entrepreneur for the past 25 years, Jeff is here to help fellow entrepreneurs find the perfect balance between their family and business.

Jeff discusses:

  • The secret to living life with no regrets
  • How to add the “non-negotiables” (your top priorities) into your daily schedule
  • How to meet all of your business commitments and still have plenty of family time
  • Every reason to prioritize your health above everything else
  • And more

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