The CMO Series – Drivers of Revenue: Mary Ellen Dugan

We’ve added a new focus within this podcast –  The CMO Series – Drivers of Revenue – to learn more about how people who run marketing departments got to where they are, how marketing has evolved and what the future holds for this important element of company success.

Mary Ellen Dugan is the CMO at Envestnet, a company whose mission is to empower advisors and financial service providers with innovative technology, solutions and intelligence to make financial wellness a reality for everyone.

In today’s episode, Doug and Mary Ellen talk about what it truly means to be a chief marketing officer. They also discuss:

  •       What inspired Mary Ellen to become a CMO and how she gathered her necessary skill set
  •       How she successfully meshes marketing with sales
  •       What has changed over the past two years for Envestnet and how has the focus shifted
  •       How people who are being targeted perceive targeted marketing
  •       Mary Ellen’s philosophy when it comes to marketing and connecting with clients and prospects
  •       And the quick fire questions: Does marketing have to be expensive?  
  •       What makes marketing powerful? What makes how she markets unique?

Resources: Envestnet 

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