The Behavioural Finance Mindset With Eric Clarke and Daniel Crosby

When choosing financial advisors to invest with, it is important they care about your wants and needs when trusting them with your finances. Start with Orion Advisor Services. 

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by CEO of Orion Advisor Services, Erik Clarke and Chief Behavioural Officer Daniel Crosby. Erik and Daniel discuss the behavioural mindset approach they use when interacting with and ultimately investing for clients. They reveal the importance of trusting your financial advisor and how they create long-lasting relationships with their clients. 

Erik Clarke and Daniel Crosby discuss:

  • How their advisors have enhanced their value proposition through a behavioural mindset 
  • Ways you can “future proof” your business
  • How important it is to create a level of trust between clients and financial advisors
  • How to maximize your impact through investing
  • And more

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