The Attainability of a Digital Ecosystem with Mike Scaplen & Gary Wiedman

Mike is the current SVP of Sales and Relationship Management and Gary is the President and Managing Principle of Axos Clearing. The company provides a broad range of services to FINRA members introducing broke- dealers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

In today’s episode, Doug, Mike and Gary talk about the tools Axos provides to its customers and how finding the right clearing firm is essential to empowering correspondents and growing their business. They also discuss

  • The attainability of a digital ecosystem that connects people to stable markets
  • The teamwork employees at Axos demonstrate to provide the best services to their customers
  • How Axos Clearing gives customers access to background information on brokers and investment advisors
  • How Axos Clearing positively differs other clearing services

Resources:  Axos Clearing