Redefining Digital Marketing for Asset Managers With Data with John Gulino & Keith Kochberg

John Gulino founded GK3 Capital to help asset managers and other financial services organizations redefine how they think about sales and marketing tactics in a digital world and how it can lead to building relationships with future clients.

In today’s episode of The Data Possible Podcast, John and GK3’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Kochberg, define inbound marketing, detail two different types of data, and highlight the most important aspects of a website.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What inbound marketing is and how it’s a roadmap for growing your business
  • The importance of collecting and analyzing both target audience data and key performance indicator (KPI) data 
  • How GK3 Capital uses data to help their clients succeed 
  • Key elements every website needs and the biggest mistakes people make when creating a website
  • How advisors can build a sense of urgency and what to do to make themselves attractive to younger investors

Resources: Discovery Data | GK3 Capital | Advisorpedia

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