Recognize When to Partner to Drive Growth with Scott Rothbort

Scott Rothbort is the Founder and President of Lakeview Asset Management, an advisory firm that specializes in the development of multi-strategy investments that seek to generate returns that exceed benchmarks of the client’s choosing. They accomplish this by developing and executing low-risk, proprietary trading strategies, and by using a variety of investment techniques and tools that include options, structured products, and ETFs.

In today’s episode, Doug and Scott talk about Scott’s road to financial services and why he started Lakeview Asset Management. They also discuss

  • How Scott adapts in an ever-changing industry
  • How Scott grew his business, and when he knew he needed an established partner to help him go further
  • His experience in the Kingswood U.S./Benchmark Investments onboarding process
  • What’s next for Lakeview Asset Management

Resources: Lakeview Asset Management | Kingswood US