Preserving Your Capital with Jason Pueschel

We often think that to have more money in our pockets, we constantly have to look for new ways to make more.

But there are different strategies only a few know that can help reduce or defer the amount of taxes we pay. So, how can we cut down on that 40% chunk of overall taxes that are part of our lifetime income?

In this episode, Greg DuPont is joined by Jason Pueschel, Founder and Managing Director of Alternative Wealth Management. Here, Jason breaks down several methods to lower or mitigate taxes to relieve payers in different areas such as the capital gains in real estate.

Jason discusses:

  • What Alternative Wealth Management does within the financial industry
  • What are the 1031 exchange and the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and how these can help reduce or defer taxes
  • Various tools for capital gains reduction in transition
  • Things to know about Opportunity Zones and their three main benefits

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