PR at a Global Level: How Top Entrepreneurs Do It with Justin Breen

When you’re operating at the highest level of business or PR, there’s no competition –– only collaboration. 

Top entrepreneurs attract opportunities by having a growth and abundance mindset.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Justin Breen, the founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC., and a best-selling author. Justin reveals the secret to building a global PR firm despite having zero business background. He also draws from his 20+ years of experience in the media business to help you share your unique story with the world.

Justin discusses:

  • A simple formula to compel your audience to care about your message
  • Reasons to focus less on ROI and more on creating credibility
  • BrEpic’s four-step process for helping entrepreneurs draft newsworthy stories
  • How to use PR to improve and clarify your brand message
  • And more

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