Is Inflation Really Decreasing? Exploring the Impact on Inflation Prices

Is inflation really “going down”? But why are prices still so high? 

Let’s discuss the difference between inflation rates and prices affected by inflation while highlighting a possible silver lining of the situation!

This week, Austyn Whittenburg discusses the impact of inflation on personal finances and the new tax brackets for 2024. He clarifies misconceptions around inflation and prices, explaining that while inflation may decrease, prices are still increasing. 

Additionally, he discusses the many new opportunities 2024 has to offer to minimize your tax burden as much as possible and how to start taking advantage of them!

Austyn discusses:

  • One of the most common misconceptions about inflation and how it is “decreasing”
  • The Silver Lining: New Tax Brackets for 2024
  • Incoming changes in capital gains tax rates, estate tax, and gifting rules
  • Increased contribution limits for 401K and IRA accounts
  • And more

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