Insurance is Insurance Until You Have a Claim with Bobby Hotaling

Bobby Hotaling is the founder of Hotaling Insurance Services, a full-service risk management firm and a global leader in managing the specific risks of the entertainment and sporting industries.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Bobby discuss how Bobby built the firm from scratch and why advisors should take the time to learn more about insurance for themselves and their clients.

  • Why Hotaling Insurance focuses on a broad gamut of risk management solutions
  • Why advisors and their clients must have a broad understanding of insurance
  • How Hotaling Insurance began working with professional athletes, and why he and his team enjoy working with them
  • How Bobby thinks the new administration’s changes to gifting and estate laws is going to affect individuals and business in general
  • What Bobby sees as in the future of the insurance industry

Resources: Hotaling Insurance Services | Hotaling Insurance Services

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